Friday, January 19, 2007

More on Communication... or Why Email is Now Easier Than Faxes

While I am on the subject...

We have been trying to streamline our processes and use the tools we have, that perhaps we were not using to their full capability. More and more, we are trying to do things electronically. It has saved an enormous amount on postage, has made our processes more transparent and cut down on a lot of duplication of documentation.

We understand using methods that feel safe and comfortable, and we still encourage the oldest of methods - a phone call- to get in touch with us, but we would request, that if you do prefer to send the written word, then please send it in an email to the RN address. It allows us to share the document between us, and it is instantaneous.

Most faxes that we receive come through our individual fax numbers and are automatically converted into an email. Those that come through the main fax number: 518 443-5275 come through in paper only. Usually Cheryl will run the paper around to a researcher and then that person will have to retype the information into our database (and Amelia is prone to typos!) If it isn't too much trouble for you, send an email, and send it with a return receipt if you are afraid it won't reach us.

It will take time to figure out all these processes. We appreciate your patience and help as we try to get you the information your clients need as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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Captain Obvious said...

Just a quick reminder to those still communicating by facsimile: FAX IS DEAD.

Feel free to join the rest of us in the 21st century.