Friday, January 26, 2007

Plan your space without the help of an interior designer or piano mover.

Sometimes, I discover things online that are just too cool not to share. It is Friday, so here's a good one:

Find Your Furniture Room Planner from the American Home Furnishings Alliance.
(Honestly, I was doing research related to the furniture industry when I found this trade association and this addictive tool.)

Here's how it works: you pick a room (bedroom, office etc) and you can add furniture (beds, bookcases, plants etc) to it, resize and reposition everything. Put in windows and doors, and change the way they open. Add a rug, and put it at any angle. Locate the perfect spot for your fuzzy slippers.

Basically, this is a must for anyone who likes to move around furniture, but doesn't have a team of burly furniture movers at their beck and call.


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