Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Book Title: Focus

Best Business Practices for Photographers by John Harrington

The table of contents starts with a reminder most artists need to hear:
"Chapter One: You are a Business - Now Let's Get to Work! Whether or Not You Think You're a Business, You Are." Chapter 3 covers "Planning and Logistics: Why a Thrity-Minute Shoot Can Take Three Days to Plan." A chapter is dedicated to "Pricing Your Work to Stay in Business (containing very practical and real-world tips) and the next is on "Overhead: Why What You Charge a Client Must Be More Than You Paid for It."
The author offers a little cold-water on what needs to be paid for in order to achieve long-lasting success. He covers insurance, retirement accounts, accounting and various contracts. Chapter 10 is entitled "Contracts for Editorial Clients including: ""We'll Send Along Some Paperwork": Why You Should Be the First to Send the Contract"
There is advice on negotiating and protecting one's work from infringement.
Letter writing guidelines as well as how to handle working with attorneys are also covered.
I think this is a good book for clients because it deals with all aspects of the business including balancing work and life, practical aspects of running a photography business, both the business and the process sides.
The author is a seasoned pro with major clients and some sound advice for those trying to start their own business.

This is a circulating library book if you are intrigued to look at it closely and wish to recommend it to a client.

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