Thursday, July 12, 2007

Doing Business: Benchmarking Business Regulations

This World Bank site offers a picture of the regulatory costs of doing business.

You can look at a map decorated with different colored flags to indicate the level of difficulty of doing business there - ranking issues like starting a business, obtaining licenses, employing workers, registering property, paying taxes and closing a business.

For instance, the US ranks as number 3 for ease/difficulty of starting a business, with a 22 for obtaining licenses and a 6 for enforcing contracts. Taiwan ranks in at 62 for enforcing contracts and 148 for obtaining licenses.

The Dealing with Licenses Report totals up the number of procedures and days to producing a license; the Trading Across Borders has a summary of number documents needed for export, cost to export per container.

Singapore tops the chart for ease of starting a business, followed by New Zealand, United States, Canada and Hong Kong.
The site also offers a tidy summary for each country like this one for Denmark.

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