Monday, July 02, 2007

Helpful Websites for Client-Authors

The two questions that our author-clients frequently ask the most are, "What publishers specialize in my subject area?", and "Where can I find an agent?"

For the first question, I recommend visiting AcqWeb's Directory of Publishers and Vendors. Note especially the section titled "Publisher Web Sites: Subject Directory". By clicking on any of these broad categories, you'll be led to a page that links to the websites of several dozen publishers.

For the second question, here's the text to an email I sent to an advisor last April. It's still accurate:

"As for literary agents, I'll point you towards another website, here:

This site is more than just a searchable directory, though. Note the articles that appear on the right-hand side. They seem to be written by authors who've gone through the process, and have a lot of practical advice. (The first one - Gary Kessler's "Finding a Good Agent or Publisher" - is especially good, and quotes 15% as a standard fee paid to a literary agent.)
Another of these articles referred budding authors to a site called Literary Agent Research and Evaluation, here:

It's a fee-based service, but might be one worth a look."

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