Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Movie Data

You probably know the Motion Picture Association of America, if at all, as the folks who administer the movie ratings. True enough, but it also collects a lot of statistics as well. They include:

2006 U.S. Theatrical Market Statistics
A summary of 2006’s theatrical performance, looking at box office trends, admissions trends and consumer attitudes.

US Theatrical Snapshot
A brief summary of the domestic box office, admission and screen count trends, including the top five grossing films domestically.

International Theatrical Snapshot
A brief summary of international box office and admission trends by region for the past four years, includes the top five grossing films worldwide.

Movie Attendance Study
An annual study which provides a summary of the demographics of moviegoers and an analysis of the yearly changes in frequent movie attendance.

2005 Piracy Data Summary
A summary of a piracy study conducted by LEK Consulting outlining losses due to piracy, profile of a typical pirate, and a list of worst offending countries.

US Entertainment Industry Market Statistics
Details the domestic performance of the motion picture industry by media, comparing year over year changes and comparisons to historical data.

I find the Entertainment Industry Market Statistics particularly useful, since it also covers home video and DVDs, broadcast and cable television, and PC and Internet usage.

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