Friday, July 20, 2007

Yoo Hoo! Over Here...

"If you want to get a VC's attention, you need to make a stronger statement than that. Here's how."
By Guy Kawasaki
Entrepreneur Magazine
July 2007

Recently I have pointed out an article by Guy Kawasaki on how not to approach a venture capitalist. In the July issue of Entrepreneur Magazine he now goes into what a business ought to do when looking for venture capital. The article is here, but these are the highlights:
"An entrepreneur seeking venture capital can feel like a knight on horseback, looking longingly across the moat at the gleaming spires of the VC's "castle" beyond. How do you bridge that gap and actually get inside the castle walls, where the money is? Here, my shortlist of tips to get a venture capitalist's attention":

1. Get an introduction by a partner-level lawyer. (for connections)

2. If you're in tech, get an introduction by a professor of engineering. (for connections)

3. Get an introduction by the founder of a company in the venture capitalist's portfolio. (check out networking sites to see who else is in their portfolio)

4. Show success. (sing your own praises)

5. Make sure your company is in the right space. (choose who you approach carefully)

6. Send a short e-mail. The ideal length is three or four paragraphs, and make sure it covers these points:
What your company does
What problem you are solving
What's special about your technology/marketing/expertise/connections
Who you are

""Empower entrepreneurs" is Guy Kawasaki's mantra. He is former chief evangelist for Apple Inc., co-founder of VC firm Garage Technology Ventures and author of eight books--most recently, The Art of the Start. Visit his blog at"

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