Friday, February 27, 2009

And Still More Outrage

I wrote a piece last week with a similar theme, but it bears repeating.

Every day, I get an email from the National Federation of Independent Business, providing links to recent news stories on a whole spectrum of small business-related trends.

Lately, every day there's another article with a title that indicates the overall angry mood of our nation's entrepreneurs. Here are two new ones:

No Small Differences Over Obama’s Treatment of Small Business
(from the "Front Row Washington" blog on the Reuters website)

Obama's Budget to Raise Small-Business Taxes
(from an opinion piece by Donald Lambro, in the Washington Times)

And then this, with a much different point of view:
FACT CHECK: GOP Adrift on Small Business Claim

The numbers are so politicized, it's difficult to ascertain what's truth, and what is just spin. Anyone have a story from an actual business owner, who can compare and contrast his or her return from this year to one in the recent past? I'd like to hear the news from the front lines.

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