Friday, February 06, 2009

Updated: Recession Guide for Small Businesses in New York State

The central office for the NYSSBDC has updated a document that can be used as a guide and information source for our clients in today's rough economy. Originally created in July, this is the third version of the paper. The guide combines facts and figures regarding the current state of the economy as well as tips and stragtegies for surviving in down times. In order to create the document, we visited major and business news websites and found the most recent articles and blogs that are applicable to our client base. We would be happy to send the document to any advisor or NYSSBDC employee who requests a copy. Feel free to call, email, or leave a comment and we will send you what we are calling the "white paper".


Dick Petitte said...

Absolutely, include me in the white paper dissemination, and thank you.

Dick Petitte

Anonymous said...

Would you also include me int he distribution. Thanks.

Kate Baker

Anonymous said...

Please send me the updated guide.

Dave M.

Anonymous said...

Please send me your guide.
Dave M

Anonymous said...

I'd appreciate being on the distribution list. Thanks, Ginny

Anonymous said...

I'd appreciate being included in the distribution. Thanks

Ginny Thompson

Alan Pruitt said...

Please send a copy to the Arizona Western College SBDC @:
alan.pruitt [at]

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can you please send me a copy to: daniel (at) mtsacsbdc (dot) com
Thank you