Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Home Is Where You Hang Your Winter Hat

Why do we stay where we live? Winter's halfway mark passes us by today. Here in Albany, it's about 15 degrees outside, with a wind chill effect giving us that tasty, subzero feeling. I spoke to a sales rep in San Francisco, who asked about the weather. When he heard, he only said, "Really?" As if we were in some supernatural state.

But weather happens, every bloody year. This survey, from the Pew Research Center, states that, on the one hand, 46% of the public would rather live in a different type of community from the one they're living in now. On the other, it also finds that most are satisfied with where they live now.

Oy. Just make up your mind. Myself, winter is the only time I can skate in my boots on the driveway with my stepdaughter & dog while waiting for the bus. That's a good enough community for me, during any season of the year.

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