Thursday, February 26, 2009


There are many sites available now to artists to exhibit their work. One of the difficulties I see in the sites I have visited is the time it takes to navigate, ugly or cluttered presentation, and the time it takes to gauge where on the spectrum of "art" it falls - absolute beginners? long-dead museum-level artists? Mishmash of both? My benchmark is usually: could I actually buy anything by these people? And how much time do I want to spend on trying to gravitate to art I like?
This site organizes artist by continent, and there seems to be a fair range of contemporary working artists represented by links to their own websites with 3 examples of their work. They state that they are making an attempt to weed out artwork that strikes the organizers as "formulaic".
I like that you can hover over the artist's name and see a thumbnail of a piece so you can decide pretty quickly how to direct yourself to work you like. The site attempts to streamline connection between artist and audience. For our artist-clients, it is another option to try to reach their public.

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