Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Businesses use Twitter, CEOs don’t

Today we have two bits of Twitter /social media news for you:

From USAToday: “Businesses use Twitter to communicate with customers

We all know that many companies are on Twitter. But what are they doing there? This article provides some nice examples: Comcast let viewers know that their cable coverage of the Stanley cup was interrupted by a lightning storm in Atlanta, Dell says they’ve sold more than $2 million in PCs through their @DellOutlet Twitter account (with over 710,000 followers) since 2007, and a variety of companies use Twitter for problem solving consumer questions and/or complaints.

But what about the CEOs? Are they tweeting for their brand?

If they are included in Fortune's list of the top 100 CEOs, probably not. According to a report from UberCEO, only 2 in the top 100 had personal Twitter accounts. While there is some discussion about how these leaders are missing opportunities to increase their own visibility and communicate with their customers, there’s also the recognition that CEOs busy people who are cautious about revealing too much. Ultimately, the folks at UberCEO suggest that not every CEO has to have a social media voice, but they should be considering their online reputation and image.

(Thanks to Mary and Al for finding these articles!)

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