Friday, June 05, 2009

Touched by an Angel

Asheesh Advani, president of Virgin Money USA, gives hope for entrepreneurs looking for angel investors during the recession. In an article from Entrepreneur "You Can Still Find an Angel Investor," Advani offers three keys for entrepreneurs looking for angel investors: resilience, patience and persistence. By focusing on those three keys when pursuing prospective angels and keeping in mind that “In 2009, angel investors want to hear you tell them about earnings growth, and the decision to invest is based on how much affinity they have for the business concept and the principal owners,” entrepreneurs will likely strike the angel’s interest.

Another bit of hope comes from Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban. He states in an article from the Dallas Morning News, “In this environment, there is a great opportunity to start small, build slowly and, as the economy hopefully gets better, accelerate your growth.” He recently launched his “Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan.” Cuban sees entrepreneurs as the ticket out of the recession. He discusses launching a business that starts small, is quick to become self-funding and creates jobs in the community.

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