Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Are Not Lawyers

The librarians at the RN are often asked for information which straddles dangerously close to being legal advice. Since none of us have a law degree, we look to provide information that will answer the question without interpreting it. My favorite ploy is to provide the actual law, such as can be found at the state consolidated laws site.

Richard Stim is an attorney and writer with the legal book publisher Nolo, who moderates the Nolo podcast. He addresses everyday legal topics in a "plain-English style". One can learn about business from startup to patents to tax deductions, plus topics as diverse as eBay disputes and same-sex marriage. The segments run 6 to 20 minutes each, mostly around 13 minutes. This format, of course, has its limitations.

Sometimes you just need to go out and get a lawyer

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