Friday, August 28, 2009

Entrepreneurism in a Recession

With the unemployment rate around 10% and five job applicants for every one job, there are many Americans who are finding themselves unemployed with little or no opportunity for employment in the near future. When this happens, why not create a new job (or jobs) by starting a new business. An article in the New York Times titled On to Plan B: Starting a Business recently said "CALL them accidental entrepreneurs, unintended entrepreneurs or forced entrepreneurs. A year and a half into the Great Recession, with the jobless rate hovering near double digits, corporate refugees...are trying to fend for themselves." For more information, read the articles below or contact your local NYS SBDC office here.

How to Become an Entrepreneur During a Recession

Becoming an Entrepreneur Can Provide Hope During the Recession

Breaking the Recession Illusion to Become an Empowered Entrepreneur

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