Friday, August 28, 2009

Thanks, Amy

Since May 6th, we at the Research Network have been damn lucky to be borrowing Amy Peker to help us out with the research. She started out in early 2009 as student help. We brought her back for a summertime gig because, well, we needed the help.

Some of you (well, 57, to be exact) have been on the receiving end of her work, which I consider to be professional grade. Today, sadly, we have to bid her goodbye, and good luck. She's a librarian now . . . all grown up, and no longer an intern.

Amy learns quickly, and has a laser-like focus. She was getting the hang of learning the art of reading between the lines of research requests (something that she'll never really stop learning), and then pick among the resources at our disposal to best answer what was asked.

We'll miss her unique sitting posture, her love of Wheat Thins & all manner of snack crackers, and her adventures in dog training. We've never had a rugby player/librarian before - such a person is good to have around in a pinch.

Most of all, we'll miss her work ethic, as it enabled the rest of us to have the time to pursue some other projects without making our clients have to wait for answers. When Amy started here just after Staff Training, our average turnaround time was at a respectable 7 days. Right now, it's down to 3. It will likely drift upward a bit, starting next week.

We'll miss Amy, and so will you. Good luck!

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