Tuesday, August 18, 2009

O Canada Business

Haven't stolen borrowed from the Hill Library lately:

A couple great resources to find statistics and resources on industry and business in Canada.

Industry Canada is the place to go if you're looking for information on the state of Canada's industry. It includes business tools for start-ups, as well as information on electronic commerce. Use the company directories to research companies, or search for information on statistics, financing, innovation, research, science and technology, regulations and standards, and more for Canada.

Canadian businesses and start-up entrepreneurs can use Canada Business to reduce "the complexity and burden of dealing with various levels of government" when attempting to start or run a business. Canada Business covers a range of relevant topics, from starting a business to taxes to selling to government. You can access Canada Business services via Web, email, or phone.

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Jeff said...

It sounds like a Canadian SBDC. Its great that they are helping people to start their own businesses. I remeber that SBDC was very helpful when i was lunching an online marketing businesses in New York City.