Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hey Cynics, Hold That Cold Water: Why The Ice Bucket Challenge Worked

From Forbes:

A pitcher of cold ice water. A social media account. And a smart phone. Those are the elements of philanthropy’s feel good hit of the summer – the Ice Bucket Challenge, starring a millennial near you and almost every celebrity you can name.

This August, it’s been as inevitable as a sun burn. Yet as with every great instant movement these days, the backlash is here like a late day summer thunderstorm.

You’ve probably heard the criticism. It’s a stunt, mere “slactivism.” It’s a substitute for real long-term involvement and engagement. It’s all about showing off for social media. It won’t change a thing, or cure ALS or ease the suffering of those with the disease.

Which is true, I guess, to some degree...

But [have you] ever been to a big ticket charity gala?

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