Monday, March 02, 2015

Free Payroll Tax Calculator

The PayCheckManager site:

Paycheck Manager provides a FREE Payroll Calculator with a no hassle policy. Any user can simply access and start using the calculator. No registration required. No private information is saved. It’s a full-featured paycheck calculator that allows for hourly or salaried, bonus, 401k and other earnings and deductions. Users can also download and print paychecks, all for FREE!

As our friend Walter said, "Still waiting to see what the catch is but haven't found it yet."

Paycheck Manager also provides a complete self-service payroll management tool for any user who wants to prepare, view and print paychecks, payment vouchers and payroll reports. All information will be saved in our secure environment for easy payroll management. This portion is FREE to try for up to 3 months upon registration.

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