Sunday, March 29, 2015

Top 8 Most Distressed Industries

The following list comprises the most distressed industries in the US economy, curated using IBISWorld’s proprietary database. The industries are ranked by the fastest anticipated annualized rate of decline in the number of industry enterprises over the five years to 2020. Operators in most of these industries contend with mounting pressure from disruptive technologies, overseas competition and shifting economic forces. In turn, a pronounced number of companies in each industry have opted to consolidate or end operations entirely. This cursory overview of IBISWorld’s Top 8 Most Distressed Industries demonstrates the qualitative and quantitative application of IBISWorld’s research reports for investors.

DVD, Game & Video Rental Industry

Projected annualized enterprise decline (2015-2020): -15.1%

IBISWorld expects operators in the DVD, Game and Video Rental industry to experience the greatest number of business closures of any industry within the economy over the next five years. Companies within this industry have been pummeled by competition from rental kiosks, mail-order subscriptions and the growing popularity of streaming media. In the five years to 2020, industry revenue is forecast to plunge at an annualized 20.2% to $999.7 million. This represents a fourfold decline from 2015 levels and a tenfold decline from prerecessionary levels.

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