Thursday, September 01, 2016

How Can Small Businesses Compete with Big Companies?

From Kabbage

People often assume that small businesses are at a disadvantage when competing with big companies. After all, big companies have big company budgets for advertising. They have big economies of scale that enable them to do things faster and cheaper. They can offer lower prices that small businesses cannot match. The idea of competing with big companies is one of the reasons why people think it’s so hard to be a small business owner.

But the truth is more complicated. Yes, big companies have certain advantages that come from being big. But especially today, with the great online tools and resources that small business owners can use to make their businesses run better, it’s often possible for small businesses to beat big companies at their own game.

The people at Kabbage talked with a few small business owners and business consultants about the best strategies for how small businesses can level the playing field and compete more effectively with big companies.

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