Thursday, October 06, 2016

From Wall Street to Entrepreneurship: 6 Hard Lessons Learned

From Bplans:

The transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship is jarring for anyone who takes the leap. The work, structure, and indicators of success are different in many ways.

Things you became adept at while working at a company—like keeping your boss happy and navigating office politics—lose their utility when you’re on your own.

It was an exciting environment with a steep learning curve. However, having grown up in a family of small business owners, the pull of entrepreneurship strengthened as I grew older. After several years in the corporate world, I realized it was never going to get easier to make the switch.

Leveraging our financial skill sets, my partner and I started a tech-enabled factoring company that helps innovative B2B businesses and startups fund their working capital. The transition from a white-shoe Wall Street firm to the near absolute freedom of entrepreneurship required enormous adjustments in all aspects of my life.

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