Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Trend of Business Migration

From Washington Post:

Census population data show that suburban America is, once again, outgrowing central cities. Even exurban counties, those beyond suburban areas, are gaining population faster than urban ones, for the second year in a row. And the growth that the densest places in the country have enjoyed since the housing bust is actually slowing down.

See The Business Journals:

After taking a hit during the recession, the suburban office market’s comeback is well underway — and businesses of all sizes are starting to take notice.

Although there’s no shortage of available space in the suburbs — the national vacancy rate for suburban office properties was 15.1 percent in the second quarter of 2015, versus 10.6 percent for buildings downtown, according to CBRE — demand is on the rise. A total of 13.3 million square feet of suburban space was absorbed last quarter, more than double the quarterly average of 6 million square feet since 2010, allowing office landlords to push rents as vacancy continues to fall.

This article also tells us some specific factors small business owners should take into account when they make trade-off between choosing cities and suburbs.

Article from The New York Times also analyzes this trend:

For decades, many of the nation’s biggest companies staked their futures far from the fraying downtowns of aging East Coast and Midwestern cities. One after another, they decamped for sprawling campuses in the suburbs and exurbs. Now, corporate America is moving in the other direction.

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