Thursday, October 27, 2016

Social Media Advertising for Small Businesses

From Business 2 Community:

You’ve raised capital, built a website, and opened the doors to your small business — now what? Raising awareness for your business and promoting it are essential for ensuring your success and thankfully that task is now easier than ever. With an estimated 78% of Americans now on social media these sites and apps have become go-tos for entrepreneurs looking to engage with customers and potential customers alike.

However today it’s no longer enough to just be on social media. Recent changes made to how these platforms display content have been detrimental to small businesses — even those with large fanbases and followings. That’s why small business owners should seriously consider advertising on these networks in addition to their typical posting. Not only have many of the top social networks made it easy for entrepreneurs to target the right users and consumers for relatively little money but new opportunities for businesses to promote themselves are also developing all the time. For all these reasons and more social media advertising is now a must for any small business.
From Quickbooks: In 2016, mobile phone users are doing more than checking email and Twitter accounts. On the contrary, a recent Google study (PDF) reveals that 82% of smartphone owners have used their phones to check competitor prices before making purchases in stores. Moreover, a third of users wound up buying from a brand other than the one they planned based on the results of these searches.

Clearly, mobile is having a significant impact on customer buying behavior, and companies that don’t take advantage of this trend are missing out on plenty of potential sales.

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