Friday, October 14, 2016

Trading Economics: International trade, finance, labor stats, prices, from around the world

On a business listserv, one librarian pointed out a good resource for global corporate tax rates, 2006 - current, a website called Trading Economics.

But the page is great for so much more: There are real time currency and stock market data for all over the world. Plus it has data on several topics. For instance-

Labor: Employed Persons, Job Vacancies, Minimum Wages, Payrolls, Population, Productivity, Retirement Age, Unemployment Rate, Wages

Prices: Consumer Price Index, Export Prices, Inflation Rate, Producer Prices

Also several other categories, including Markets, GDP, Money, Trade, Government, Business, Consumer, Housing, Taxes

If you are involved in international trade or just want info for markets across the world, check out Trading Economics

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