Monday, October 03, 2016

Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Disruption

From Bplans:

It seems you can’t talk about business anymore without talking about disruption. What everybody can agree on is that the rate of change seen throughout almost every industry, due to new technologies and advanced rates at which ideas spread, is steadily increasing, and shows no signs of slowing down.

The good news for small businesses and startups is that they shouldn’t be worried. In fact, they should be excited! Being small enough, and in the case of startups, fresh enough to take innovative leaps and try out radical new methods and ideas is why these organizations are the ones that drive disruption.

Enterprise level businesses and other large organizations are taking notes, trying to learn from small businesses how best not only to respond to disruption but to instigate it themselves. For small businesses, this is great. Even if they’re not the ones driving change, they’re small and agile enough to adapt to it.

For aspiring startups, this is even better. Establishing a business in a world where ever-changing models, needs, and technologies are the norm means adaptation will be in that organization’s blood. Not only that, but startups can analyze existing markets for weak points and decide which industries are ripe for disruption.

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