Saturday, August 05, 2017

41 Wisconsin Company Employees Have Microchips Implanted

From Mediapost:

A Wisconsin company had its planned ‘chip party’ Tuesday and 41 employees had microchips implanted into them.

Those employees, all who volunteered to have an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip implanted between their thumb and forefinger, now can use their hand to unlock doors, log on to computers and pay at kiosks or terminals that take credit cards.

“It went really well and was a lot simpler than I thought,” Tony Danna, vice president of international sales at Three Market Square, said. “It hurts more when pinching the skin than the syringe implanting the chip. It takes about two seconds.”

There were about 20 employees in the company who did not want them and no one, either those who initially did or did not want them changed their mind, Danna said.

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