Monday, August 14, 2017

Leveraging Webinars To Build Your Powerhouse Personal Brand

From Forbes:

From talking to fellow coaches, clients and business leaders, it’s clear that we are in the midst of a fundamental shift in the way "careers" are built.

Professionals have enthusiastically embraced the power of personal branding to distinguish themselves in their fields. The traditional resume is far less important than it used to be; recruiters now scour LinkedIn to find potential candidates. And as the 9-to-5 corporate mindset gives way to a more gig-focused mentality, it’s less about who you work for and more about building your own personal brand.

Many of these new platform-savvy thought leaders are embracing public speaking as a powerful way to land new clients. In fact, look at any list of the top names in a particular niche, and you’ll likely find one thing in common: They understand how to use public speaking to strengthen their personal brands...

While live public events can be great, there are some definite drawbacks. Yes, there’s the time commitment and travel expenses, for the speaker as well as the attendees, but don’t forget that in-person events often draw a limited audience for smaller immediate exposure potential. It’s no wonder that the leaders I’ve been talking to about this are huge fans of the power of live and on-demand webinars as guest speaking opportunities.

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