Thursday, August 10, 2017

UPS offers retailers a way to simplify returns

From eMarketing:

In retailers’ fight against Amazon, it looks like there will soon be a new weapon that could help level the playing field against the online retail giant.

UPS said it will introduce UPS Returns Manager, a free online tool that allows e-commerce retailers, especially less well-resourced small- and medium-sized merchants, to not only customize their own shipment rules but also manage return shipments without having to integrate their own IT systems.

For consumers, who in the past had to go to a retailer’s website to print a return label or use a label retailers include in package boxes, the feature allows them to now print a return shipping label directly from’s tracking page both on desktop and mobile devices and through email alerts. Consumers can also print return labels at The UPS Store locations at no additional cost.

The service will be available in the US Aug. 14 and 43 other countries from the UK to Brazil two weeks after that.

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