Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Business of Art

Visual Artists and Craftspeople

The New York Foundation for the Arts tops my list for information on the business of art. They offer articles on all the key topics for any working artist – money, legal issues, marketing, mental health, and also include interviews and profiles on working artists. They also include a classified section and lots of information on grants, fellowships and residencies.

A walk through the steps an arts organization (in the broad sense of the word) needs travel to reach their marketing goals. Includes case studies like a look at a successful direct marketing campaign completed by an arts museum, rebranding and attracting the family audience.

The Graphic Arts Guild
An essential resource for graphic artists, they publish the GAG Pricing & Ethical Guidelines Handbook that every graphic designer should already know but also have a good website that has one immediately useful feature: Ask Mark, a tip sheet with intelligent answers to common issues like a pre-contract checklist and guidance on how to protect copyright. Like their book, they also offer sound advice on researching and setting prices.

The New York Council for the Arts
A no frills site for the grant-making agency of the State of New York.
This nicely designed site offers a lot of useful information, particularly Crafting as a Business and Craft Retailer News with articles on various aspects of the business and a listing of the top 100 retailers in the country . There is also a market calendar with show dates – something we often get requests for.

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