Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On Burnout:

“Burnout is spiritual, physical, emotional and/or mental exhaustion, usually resulting from one or more long-term, unsatisfying efforts. Burnout seems to be on the rise in organizations, resulting in poor health, poor performance and conflicts in the workplace (internal conflicts and conflicts with others).” by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD

With the pressures of finances and looming deadlines, it is easy for companies to forget that their biggest asset is the people who keep the business going. When negative attitudes are not kept in check, they spread, morale falters and productivity suffers. Managers need to spot and fix problems before they contribute to an overall negative atmosphere.
For a very complete explanation of burnout and it’s symptoms and effects, visit

Negativity in the Workplace
Brian Norris

Brian Norris is selling something. Seminars and training programs - but he does offer some freebie insights into how to better cope with burnout and negativity at work. He also offers a “creativity day camp”.

Some of his advice is:
  • Always remember you are in control of your own reality
  • When it comes to experiencing emotions, we are not alone.
  • Your attitude is the foundation for your employees’ sense of reality.
  • Take the time to understand and to be understood by everyone you come in contact with.
  • Additionally, moderate the flow of gossip.

Other articles on the topic:

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