Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

The Census Bureau has some statistics on the number of folks affected by Hurricane Katrina here and here.

A PDF report on the construction and real estate implications in New Orleans

Unfortunately, the Red Cross and FEMAhad been working different systems while trying to find the missing, but appear to be working more closely now.

Another sad occurrence: as with every disaster of late, there are unscupulous people operating in the alleged name of Katrina victims.

The National Restaurant Association has planned a Dine for America event to help hurricane victims on October 5.

After Katrina, and also after 9/11/01, there has been a greater emphasis on anticipating the possibility of fire, flood and other natural and human-made disasters at home and at the office. FEMA has a 204-page document about citizen preparedness. Generaslly speaking, FEMA's plan expects that individuals should have a 2- to 3-day supply of food, water and other necessities before expecting to be rescued. Also, there's a lot of information of off-site storage of important back-up data.

Of course, Katrina was not entirely a surprise, a noted in this National Geographic article from October 2004.

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