Monday, September 12, 2005

Lists of Events

Recently, I answered a request for a client who wished to retail her products at fairs and festivals. She wanted a list of such events in a given region of the state.

During research, I came across a site called It's managed by Events Media Network, Inc., who, among other things, publish selected events directories. The site can be reached at, and it had the answers I needed for this client.

If you've clients with similar needs, I recommend going there. On your first visit, you (or your client) will have to register. It's free, but you can't search until doing so.

The site allows you to search for events and attractions in three different ways:
1) those within a given radius around a ZIP code that you provide, within dates that you specify; or
2) those by a city & state that you provide, within dates that you specify; or
3) by clicking among a list of states (say, New York), and then clicking on a given city.

Results are then broken down into major categories (festivals, sporting events, special interest, shopping, historical, and entertainment), each of which has several subsets.

Click on the main category link, and brief overviews of the event will appear. You'll see the event name, date being held, and a brief description. Each event has a "More Info" link, which provides its hours of operation, a contact phone number, and other data.

This is a useful site for mobile vendors, and is one of the few sites I've seen that actually provides a phone number for additional information. Again, I recommend it.

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