Tuesday, September 27, 2005

File it for later

One of the SBDC regional centers actually reproduces much of the information it receives from the Research Network and puts in into a vertical file, by category.

Now, I’m not suggesting that YOUR center do that, but you might consider making copies of frequently requested data, information that many clients, and the center itself, could make good use of. Most of what we send out does not change on a weekly or monthly basis. Some of this includes:

Traffic patterns
Demographic information, especially from the print sources:
-Community Sourcebook of County Demographics
-Community Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics
-Lifestyle Market Analyst
Industry data specific to the region

A new center director came up to Central and visited the library. He indicated that the demographic information we pulled for him will be of use for several of his clients.

Also, a center may have a number of requests for the same type of general information, the type included in the DOL packets. Maybe there are lots of folks in your area that, because of the geographical constraints or the the rising cost of gasoline, want to start a home-based business. Make a copy of the informaton and keep it on file for six months. If a business plan seems to be very popular, consider holding on to a copy of that.

By acting on some of these suggestions, you will be able to respond to your clients’ needs more quickly while keeping your friendly librarians from going crazy, copying the same material for the same advisor over and over and over...

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