Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Demographic Ring Studies

The recent SBDC conference in Catskill reminded me of a tool I use for ring studies. Go to http://www2.easidemographics.com/. Click on FREE Census Reports. You'll have to register with your e-mail and ZIP Code, but that's free as well.
Pick EASI Ring Studies Site Selection with Maps. You can pick one or three rings. Pick a report - try the Free Complete Report.
Filling in the report name is optional.
You need the latitude and longitude of what you want to study, so plug in the street address, and click on Find Address Coordinates. (You CAN'T use "the corner of Trade and Tryon".)

With the next fields filled out, click on Create Site Study.
Voila; the report is done.

There is also some mapping capacities here and elsewhere in the site. There is also Rank Analysis (e.g., the counties with the greatest number of people with Masters Degrees, or with an Asian population.)

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