Tuesday, May 16, 2006


You're writing something and you discover you have been using the same word repeatedly. Do you reach for a dictionary or a thesaurus? Maybe.

Anoother possibility is to go to the Word Web dictionary and word finder of over 280,000 words and phrases. A free software version at the site adds proper nouns, pronounciations and more definitions. There's also a paid version ($19) which allows for wild card word searches, the ability to solve anagrams and more.

I found the information above in a magazine called Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professional. Each month, there is at least one free article online:

April 2006: The People’s Law: Free Legal Help and Legal Research on the Web with a list of sites.
March 2006: Wikipedia and Britannica: The Kid’s All Right (And So’s the Old Man)
January 2006: Shhh!!: Keeping Current on Government Secrecy
November/December 2005: Another Phine Kettle of Phish: Identity Theft Prevention

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