Monday, May 22, 2006

SBDC's "What's Your Signage?" Receives National Recognition

Last December, you might remember that the SBDC's 2004 publication "What's Your Signage?" was recognized by the New York Library Association as being one of two winners of the 2004 New York State Notable Documents Award.

Each May, the Library Journal announces winners of Notable Documents from Federal, State, and International agencies. Among other nice things, our earlier recognition resulted in the book being entered into this competition.

I'm happy (and humbled) to announce, then, that, on May 15th, I received word that "What's Your Signage?" was designated as being one of the most Notable Government Documents in the U.S. in the State category, one of only 10 winners so honored. One of the judges remarked that "it has been a while" since New York had a document on the list.

(If you care to know of the others, there's a lengthy article here:

The Library Journal is the professional publication most read by librarians, so here's hoping we can get the book in a few more collections around the country!

Thought you'd like to know.

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