Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where is Everyone?

Just some basic info on where we are now and how you can reach us, in case you've lost the email that went out on the subject, here it is again:

Our new physical address for UPS, FedEx, Airborne etc. is:

State University of New York
3rd Floor
22 Corporate Woods
Albany, NY 12211

The US Postal Service address is:

State University Plaza
Corporate Woods Building
Albany, NY 12246

Main Line 518-443-5398
Fax Line 518-443-5275
Amelia Birdsall 518-641-0603
Frances Carner 518-641-0604
Darrin Conroy 518-641-0605
Kevin Crider 518-641-0606
Josee Fonseca 518-641-0607
Beverly Ford 518-641-0608
Brian Goldstein 518-641-0609
Roger Green 518-641-0610
Cheryl Hoffman 518-641-0611
Mary Hoffman 518-641-0620
John Joel 518-641-0612
Jim King 518-641-0613
Lori Kitchen 518-641-0614
Martha Pollock 518-641-0616
Mike Ross 518-641-0617
Al Scher 518-641-0618
Jinshui Zhang 518-641-0619

As you may have noticed, we are just starting to get back on our feet. We are still experiencing some lack of services, while the rest of the floor is moving in. So, if you are experiencing trouble getting in touch, getting onto MQS, please bear with us, we are trying to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

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