Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tax Department Unveils New Electronic Service to Help Businesses Properly Report Local Sales Tax

Last week, New York State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Andrew S. Eristoff announced a new Department service that helps businesses more accurately determine which local sales tax jurisdictions should receive revenue from certain sales tax transactions, and the correct sales tax rate to apply to those transactions.

Sales tax on purchases is generally credited to the county or city in which the sale occurred, the service performed, or the tangible property delivered. However, problems arise when vendors use zip codes to determine the local taxing jurisdiction for New York addresses. Because postal zip codes may overlap county or city boundaries, sales tax revenue may be incorrectly credited to the wrong local taxing jurisdiction.

Sales Tax Jurisdiction and Rate Lookup Important Information

Sales Tax Jurisdiction and Rate Lookup


Web said...

It would be great if it worked!

Darrin Conroy said...

It works now. NYS Tax & Finance likely changed the database since this post was published in 2006. They likely change it every year. Check it out now.