Friday, June 16, 2006

Web 2.0

I have become fascinated by the “latest phenomenon” in cyberspace (there’s probably a new one already), the rise of social computing and such – or, what they are calling “Web 2.0.” Here is a brand new article about its impact on the business world:

Fast Company, The Network Unbound

And an older one on the same general topic (a sort of preview of a book by the same name):
Wired Magazine, The Long Tail

Here is an excellent article giving an overview of the phenomenon, from a reference librarian’s blog:
Infotangle (blog), The Hype and the Hullabaloo of Web 2.0

Incidentally, the concept is also being applied to libraries, as “Library 2.0” You can read more about that here (a Squidoo “lens,” - a sort of pathfinder).

-Ben Ropp

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