Monday, December 18, 2006


Sometimes I come across a site and marvel at the amount of work put into its upkeep. A few weeks ago, I read about a site called NationMaster. It's a site where you can glean data for a single country from a huge variety of topics (economic, geographic, income, labor, religion, and on and on).

The site originates in Australia, but collects data from a wealth of resources and arranges them in a very easy interface. Since our clients are interested in importing and/or exporting with just about every nation on Earth, this site is extremely helpful.

As a bonus, this site links to a companion page called StateMaster, providing an additional wealth of data for each state in the U.S. These two sites are great for us researchers, and great for kids out there with a paper to write on the main exports of the Maldives.

(And speaking of kids & the Maldives, NORAD once again presents its annual Santa Tracker website. For those of you interested in tracking ol' St. Nick on Christmas Eve - who knows, maybe you've a long-standing beef with the big man - here's your chance.)

Season's greetings to all, and to all, a good day!

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