Friday, December 22, 2006

Plumbing Woes

Well, not that it has helped me this time, but I’m sure these sites will come in handy one day when I am in my next plumbing crisis. Today, I leave it to the professionals. If you are ever so unfortunate as to be in a wet situation, perhaps these sites might help:

" web site, has been called one of the "best web sites" by the #1 on-line multimedia encyclopedia - Encarta"
"Even Encyclopedia Britannica has linked to us in the past as one of "The Web's Best Sites"
"World Book On-Line Encyclopedia specially selected by their Editors as well was rated a Hot Site by USA Today"

Plumbing at

Plumbing on
The Plumbing Education and Information Sharing Site
Basics of Indoor Plumbing & Toilet Repairs

~~Murphy's Law~~

"If something can go wrong, it probably will ."

...and I can vouch for that.

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