Friday, February 02, 2007

Changes in Information Delivery

In our efforts to convert to a purely digital information distribution library, we created a section on the SBDC website where we'd put large PDF files for you to download. The page was password protected, and the files would only be available for a week or two before being removed.

This method didn't solve the problem of how you get the information to the client. If we can't attach these big files in an e-mail to you, how would you do the same to a client?

Starting this week, we've come up with a new method. Some of you have already seen it happen. Instead, we'll be sending you a link directly to the file. It'll look like this:[filename].pdf

The old method is no longer in place, so don't worry about remembering passwords.

Another plus is that you can forward that link directly to your clients. There won't be an issue with the client seeing files meant for other people, as there was in the old system. Obviously, this solves the problem of how you transmit information to your clients. They can now view, save, and/or print as much of the file as they need.


For the client's benefit - as well as yours - we suggest that you upgrade your version of Adobe Reader to the latest version (8.0). It's free, and it's painless. We suggest this because we're creating PDF files on our end, using the latest version of Adobe Standard. With it, we can attach additional files to a PDF (like business lists, or sample business plans from Business Plan Pro). Some older versions of Adobe Reader won't detect these attachments. The new version will.

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