Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mass Mailings: Yea or Nay?

Here are a sampling of points of view on mass mailings:
Five Good Reasons to Do a Mass Mailing
From *

Mass E-Mailings: How To, and How Not To
“Getting folks to your web site may take some “push” and bulk e-mail could be
the answer. Here are some cheap and easy ways to get started.”

By Bob Weibel
Found on eFuse “The friendly place to learn to build a better web site."

also in Guerrilla Marketing Articles:
What Guerrillas Know About Email
by Jay Conrad Levinson

Gail Goodman: E-Mail Marketing
Building Your E-mail List
By Gail Goodman
March 06, 2006
"Got a pocket full of business cards from that last networking event? Don't forget to ask permission before adding those names to your e-mail marketing list."

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