Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Green Business

More and more we are hearing ads from established companies touting their "green" efforts. lately Hannaford has been running ads about how they are environmentally responsible and we've all heard a lot about what Walmart is doing to improve it's reputation. Here are couple of sites that offer businesses some advice on getting with the program...

Greening Your Business: A Primer for Smaller Companies

"This GreenBiz Essential offers tips and resources for small and mid-sized companies, though many larger firms likely will benefit, too. The links in this document are culled from the more than 2,000 resources found on"

October 16, 2006
Greening Your Business
Business Week Online
Tip of the day

Sustainable Business Reference Library

"Join in the Fun! Wouldn't you rather get your energy from clean solar or wind sources than dirty oil? Of course you would! Wouldn't you rather feed the world on food that hasn't been doused in disease-causing chemicals? A no-brainer! We are the future of business: organic products, renewable energy, green building, recycled products. Isn't it about time? "

This site aimed at business owners offers the following sections:

Sustainable Business Insider - an online trade magazine
Green Dream Jobs - job site
Progressive Investor - a monthly newsletter
Business Connections - a networking service
Events Calendar - "sustainability-oriented conferences"
Resource Directory - web sites, databases and resources

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