Thursday, February 15, 2007

Getting into the Stores

For our fashion industry clients, other than, or in addition to, building their own bricks and mortar or online shop, another approach is often to get their designs into larger retailers. Here are a few guidelines and sources to help that process along.

Getting your goods in the department stores.
Katherine Gray
Los Angeles Business Journal
August 1 2005

Get into stores
Nov. 3, 2003
Mary Stewart Center for Entrepreneurship
Ask an Expert

Apparently very useful for listings of US and international fashion events:
Fashion Calendar

Glam Central
A blog worth checking out for profiles of fashion editors, coverage of fashion week and to locate other fashion blogs:

I know you get WWD, but maybe you should run through if you haven’t already and scan articles for the names of buyers at stores that you might market to. As an example, this is a recent one that mentions quite a few people. By the same token, you can check the magazines for the names of fashion editors to see if you can send them a card or something:

And for a slightly different approach:

How to Market Your Clothing Designs to Local Stores
by Diana Pemberton-Sikes
Fashion Job Review

"You don't have to be a big name designer to earn decent money designing clothes. You also don't have to live in a fashion city like New York, London, or Paris."

Licensing Agents for Clothing Licenses
Lists of buyers and licensing agents - though I believe exclusively for-a-fee.

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