Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a Second Life for your business?

Lately I’ve been seeing articles and reading blogs all mentioning Second Life, but up until now I hadn’t taken the time to check it out.

Is it a computer game? An online community? A business opportunity? Turns out it is all of the above, and more (although I’m not even going to pretend that I understand everything involved). Members build avatars (they look a lot like the Sims), chat with each other, play games, build things, take classes, and even conduct business.

Introducing his interview with Second Life creator Philip Rosedale on, Michael Fitzgerald writes,

Second Life is a place where anyone can have just that. It is a richly detailed virtual world where anything a computer programmer can imagine can exist: There are minutely detailed replicas of Rockefeller Center and human-size raccoons; sex and sadism and spiritual retreats; conference calls and a currency exchange. Almost all of it is created by the people who pay to dwell in it.”

Lately, it’s getting a lot more media attention, and attracting the interest of both big business and small entrepreneurs. Sweden even plans to open a virtual embassy!

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Al said...

I once had an economics professor who said, "Nobody likes taxes...except the Swedes".

I think if your country is going to open a virtual embassy in a video game, you like taxes.

Roger Green said...
A CBS Sunday Morning story.