Friday, April 25, 2008

NOVELny - New York Online Virtual Electronic Library

While the research that we provide to our clients is invaluable, often times when the client starts the business, they have new questions. Sometimes, they will come back in to ask for more research, but when they do not come back in, where can they go to do their own research? The most obvious answer is the public library.

All residents in New York can access information that is available for free through the New York State Library's online database, NOVELny. Users can access the databases using their driver's license, state issued id card, or public library card. Subject topics included in the database are Business & Finance, General Reference/School-Oriented, Health & Medicine, History, Literature/Culture/Social Science, Newspapers, and Science.

While there are certain databases that will not pertain our clients, Business & Company Resource Center is available, which is a source I use very often for industry research.

More information on the project is available at the New York State Library's Division of Library Development.

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Darrin Conroy said...

I serve on a steering committee for the NOVELny program. Its existence is due to grant funding. A lot of libraries (including ours) have grown to depend on these databases, and would be hard-pressed to afford the resources should NOVEL ever lose its funding. Much like we in the SBDC depend on client success stories to prove our worth, so too does the State Library depend on anecdotes on how NOVEL has improved libraries & those who use them. Expect more in this blog (and from other media) on NOVEL in the future.