Thursday, April 17, 2008

Responsible Powerpoint Use

Really Bad Powerpoint

With Staff Training nearly upon us, I thought maybe a little advice on putting together a presentation might be in order.
I was very much enjoying a presentation given by Seth Godin while researching motivational speakers at another blog called Small Business Marketing Strategies. Seth Godin's presentation is very worth checking out simply for it's humor but also for reminding us to think. His website describes his title as "Agent of Change" which I love. He points out the many silly things that tools supposedly made for people don't work and the ways they could be fixed. This led to Godin's blog which advertises his many books that all look like they would be fun reads. In this blog entry, he discusses the pitfalls of PowerPoint presentations and links to other sites that share advice on how to best use PowerPoint without abusing your audience.


T. Benjamin Larsen said...

Good post. You might also want to check out the rather brilliant Garr Reynolds and his Presentation Zen blog/book - as good as it gets really.

Anyway, never one to let a chance go by me I must of course also plug one of my own blog posts about PowerPoint presentations.

Josée said...

T.Benjamin -
Thanks for that. I've added it to my favorites. Garr Reynold's presentation to Google was great. You make a good point in your own presentation - reminds me of teachers who kill interesting topics by poor presentation with no emotion.

Josée said...

Superman Superanomalies is great! I just watched it on YouTube. Nicely done.

Roger Green said...

Josee- I'm going to have to purloin that Larsen video for my TU blog.

Roger Green said...

I DID purloin it a couple months ago and then totally forgot to mention it here - my bad: