Monday, April 21, 2008


I could run numbers all day long. Lately, I have been running numbers all day long. But creating statistics without actually employing them is like taking empty breaths.

At the beginning of each month, I calculate such things as the average turnaround time; the number of requests asked; the number that are answered, and by whom; and break down the requests by advisor & by center. It's a part of the management function of the library, and something that my inner accounting-major actually enjoys.

But I've never shared this information with any of you in the field. This blog isn't the place (I'd rather not broadcast it openly for the world). If you're interested in knowing how often you're using us, or how often your center in comparison with others, or any other general program data, then drop me an email. I'll put together a package for you.

(Keep in mind that my data is available only for the fiscal year starting October 1st.)


Earlier in the week I asked Al to run some data for me off of WebMQS, to see how the RN was contributing to the program. Here's what he gave me:

Number of client cases opened from 1/1/06 through 12/31/07: 26,961
Of these cases, the number of these that eventually generated economic impact: 2,547

That's a rate of just under 9.5%.

Number of client cases opened in this same time period for whom library assistance was given: 2,103
Of these, the number that generated economic impact: 264

That's 12.6%, so we're feeling a bit above average.


We'd like to boost that last number, and get across to some of our users that we can be of help to ongoing clients (and not just to the startups).

To that end, our upcoming Staff Training presentation is targeted towards newer advisors. We feel that those who've not been here a while might not get the full-blown training on what the Research Network is capable of providing. So we've asked some veteran advisors to sit in with us, and engage in a very informal discussion (it is being held early on a Monday morning, so informal is the right tone) to teach some of their best practices. We'll be sending out a personal invitation to you newbies, so be on the lookout next week.

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